• Iowa

  • 28 (June 1st)

  • Trans masculine (he or they)

  • Openly plural

  • Neurodivergent and disabled


(Please note that we are critical of our interests and don't just consume/defend things blindly that are considered offensive or in poor taste.)

  • Animal Crossing

  • Flight Rising

  • Half Life VR AI

  • Hazbin Hotel / Helluva Boss

  • Homestuck

  • Houseki no Kuni

  • Jackbox Games

  • Johnny the Homicidal Maniac / Invader Zim

  • Kirby

  • Kumamon (and other JPN mascots)

  • Madoka Magica

  • Miitopia / Tomodachi Life

  • Mr. Men

  • Negima

  • Pokemon

  • San-X Characters (Rilakkuma, Sumikko Gurashi etc)

  • Slow Damage

  • Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Steven Universe

  • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

  • The Sims

  • Vocaloid

  • Yokai Watch

  • ... and various streamers / Youtubers

What is a system?

Taken from the Plurality Playbook:

Plurality (also known as multiplicity) is the state of having more than one person/consciousness sharing a body. Together, the people who share a body make up a plural system or multiple system, often referred to simply as a system.

Essentially, we are a group of individuals sharing one mind and one body, working together to live our life. You'd be surprised and what kind of weird shit brains are capable of.

Is there an "original person" or main identity?

There's no "original person," nor anyone currently claiming to be the "host" or "main person." We have a pretty consistent rotating cast, but no host. This is just how we are and how we've always been.

Because of this, we view the idea of personhood and individuality differently than other people might, due to living with constantly shifting mental states that can communicate with each other outside of any one person's control (despite our best efforts).

Regardless of your beliefs on whether or not this is possible, this is what we live with, and we have no choice but to accept it and go with the flow.

Do you consider yourselves to be kin/otherkin?

No. We do not consider our identities to be in any way spiritual, either. For those of us who formed based on pre-existing concepts, our relationship with our sources is much more complicated than we feel comfortable discussing.

How should I interact with all of you?

  • Iowa is our catch-all name, although we prefer to be addressed by the name of whoever's fronting, if they've signaled it.

  • You can ask for someone specific, but it may not work for longer than a few minutes.

  • Please don't treat us like characters. Nothing turns us off more than being treated like we aren't real. We may make jokes about our sources, or talk about our internal world and stories, but we're still real people.

  • We may forget conversations we've had with you, so feel free to remind us of things we may have forgotten. Our general memory is pretty alright, but a lot of stuff does get lost in the shuffle.